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Fish Aquarium Firefox Theme

Turn your Firefox browser into a fish tank! Includes beautiful
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26 March 2010

Editor's review

To break the monotony of life and to add personal touch to anything which is regularly viewed or worked on is a great way to enjoy and appreciate those things in life. In fact, this is the reason why people love setting up their home the way they want. Similarly, the doorway to cyber world is the web browser. It opens the door to a unique and very personal world of internet. No matter what they can never be avoided or skipped. In fact, they are the base of accessibility in the web world. Even those their operation is limited none the less they are important and thus there are programs available for them to make them more customized.

One such customizing tool is the Fish Aquarium Firefox Theme 1.0 which makes the interface of the Firefox browser a fish tank. The fish tank has adorable fishes and also few interactive tools that are built-in. It can be easily installed as well as uninstalled. Upon installation the program resets the default search engine and uploads BING as search engine. The second specialty is that this latest theme protects the privacy of the user and tracks only some data that too only in numbers. The total number of theme is kept as records and nothing beyond it. The theme is tried and tested and is found to be compatible with top 50 recent as well as most popular extensions. Also for uninstalling there are two ways of doing it. Thus, getting this amazing theme without paying anything and with such huge features as well as facilities is a great option of the users of Firefox web browser.

Variety, attractive and free of cost, perhaps this is the only customized and beneficial offer available for Firefox which is one of the most widely used web browsers at present. So definitely it deserve at least a try and four star rating. Besides the option of uninstall is always there to exercise.

Publisher's description

Turn your Firefox browser into a fish tank! Includes beautiful fish in the theme area and even some interactive tools built-in! Easy to install and we include an un-installer too!
SEARCH: Our primary revenue source is BING. We will reset your default search engine when installed so please give BING a try!
We respect your privacy. We do track some data - but it's only numbers. We follow the total number of active themes, clicks on the extension buttons and themes using our search partners. That's it.
Nothing is personally identifiable and nothing is on an individual basis. The full legal description is at if you'd like extra assurance.
This theme has been tested with the Top 50 most popular and recent extensions. Please email us at if you find any conflicts.
We hate to see you go but if you want to uninstall, there are two ways to accomplish this: 1) Go to Tools - > Addons, and remove the extension from the Extensions tab in Addons. 2) If you are currently running the Boom (Extension), simply go to the B/T , gear button on the far right of the toolbar and select Uninstall. Thats it!
Brand Thunder works with leading brands to develop custom Firefox add-ons. We have worked with the leading social networks, sports teams, news publishers, entertainment and gossip sites, colleges, blogs, radio stations, music as well as our own themes for football, baseball, soccer and the holidays - lots of exciting partners are on the way, so stay tuned!
Fish Aquarium Firefox Theme
Fish Aquarium Firefox Theme
Version 1.0
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